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A lot of researching has gone into making this cc web site and I have enjoyed doing it.

The Purpose is to make people aware of what this Civilian Conservation Corps was all about.

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Due to hard times in the depression of the late 30s I signed my self into the CCCs and was sent to camp S-122 Co 1241 at Hawkinsville NY known as the Boonville camp.
All the time of my enrollment I never give it much thought of what a large and historic undertaking the CCCs was or would become.

I have written a book about my life in this camp, self published it and have it on the market for sale. I had to do a lot of research for information to accomplish this. Now the more I got into the history of the Cs it has brought my attention to the fact that a lot of the general public know nothing of the Civilian Conservation Corps. My interest in writing about the Civilian Conservation Corps started when I saw an article posted by the

Tug Hill Commission they wanted pictures of the Mannsville CCC. camp, (Winona) of which I had none. They gave me some links to search, one was J.Justin Museum   In browsing through his work I see that he was looking for biography's from Old CCC members, as I was in the Cs in 1938 I wrote one and sent it to Mr. Justin and he placed it on his Museum site. Also I became acquainted with Marty Podskoch  which gave me more incentive to continue with this work

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